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Sharing the Los Angeles first peoples culture and history

Haramokngna opened in 1998, with a special use permit from the Angeles National Forest, in a former fire station. The site where Haramokngna sits is on Red Box Saddle – the first resting spot on the trek from the sea to the desert.  So the people came here to gather the bounty of the mountains – the pine trees and pine nuts, the bay laurel, the black oak acorns, and to come together – to renew family ties, trade songs, stories, and gossip, and to meet eligible youth from the other side of the mountains.

The front building being transfer into a interpretive exhibit of the five Tribes of the San Gabriel Mountains: Gabrieleno/Tongva, Chumash, Fernandeno/Tataviam, Kitanemuk and Serrano.  These five tribes explored in their pre-contact relationships with the land, and with each other via the trade routes through these mountains.


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We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring
good things for people. Please join us to contribute small items or a little money to contribute to helping the our Cultural Center.

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We are currently setting up campaigns for project-based funding that will help big remodeling and upgrade the facilities. All contributions pave the way to possibilities. Please use this link to donate to the center directly.

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Enjoy being in the great outdoors? Sign up as a volunteer for Haramokngna and enjoy participating in various of activities while being surrounded by the Angeles National Forest. Use our volunteer sign-up form to help us get to know you and stay contacted when volunteer projects become available! bit.ly/HAICC_Volunteer

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Stories of Cultural Center in the Angeles National Forest

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29 May

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Tongva Calendar for 2014!

http://www.haramokngna.org/store/shop Welcome to the world of the Tongva people! This calendar...
6 Jun

TAMIT – High School Camps

For the second year, Haramokngna will welcome Teaching and Mentoring Indian Tarahat’s (TAMIT)...