Haramokngna is strengthening our partnership with the National Forest Service to develop a curriculum for school and youth groups that bring a unique vision of the Southern California environments and the ways Indigenous people have interacted with it for thousands of years. We are offering tools for the urban community to reconnect to the land under the cement of the city so that the community can regain the traditional respect and management for that land. We are providing tools for the youth to become the leaders in this restoration of the balance.

How can you help?

  • Donate your energy and time as a volunteer
  • Help us spread the word via networks and newsletters to help bring the community up out of the cement and into the forest.
  • Donate equipment and materials to keep the Center operating.
  • Donate some money to keep programs going and growing.

Haramokngna is a component of Pukúu Cultural Community Services, our non-profit partner. More information about Pukúu Cultural Community Services, including their contact information, can be found at www.pukuu.org.