Night is more than just a period of time between sunset and sunrise. It is another world, fascinating and mysterious to children curious about the night and its nocturnal inhabitants. In Native cultures mighttime is a crucial part of the Great Circle and balance in the universe, and Keepers of the Nightfeatures Native wisdom to help young people learn valuable lessons about the natural world.

In the tradition of the best-selling Keepers of the Earth and Keepers of the Animals, this book offers eight carefully selected Native North American stories. Field-tested, hands-on activities include nighttime observational activities and walks to teach sensory awareness, puppet shows to teach understanding of how nocturnal animals live, stargazing to understand constellations and the myths and legends surrounding them, campfire talks that relate a sense of being a part of the Great Circle, and traditional dances—such as one to celebrate the bear, a symbol of courage—to enjoy and learn their significance.

Perfect for anyone teaching children about nature and the outdoors, Keepers of the Night offers unique ideas about understanding the natural world—by looking at night.