Ancient storytelling meets modern psychology–in the most unique and inspiring book for women since Women Who Run with the Wolves.

In the Americas, the oral tradition has created one of the oldest surviving bodies of literature on earth. Native American storytelling, in particular, stands out for its distinctive honoring of womanly power and the female forces of the universe.

Gathered here are traditional versions of stories and songs that best portray this strength and vitality. Illuminating the scope of human behavior–from treacherous mates and medicine men to magical sages and murderous mothers–these tales offer universal truths. And for readers who wish to explore the transformative healing gifts of these stories in a more personal way, each is accompanied by thought- provoking exercises and meditations. Also included are brief introductions to provide historical and cultural context.

Entertaining, educational, and inspirational, this collection of timeless wisdom will shed light on the lives of readers for generations to come.