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Takic Langague Family

Kaivitam (Serrano)
People of the Mountains

Kitanemuk (people of the east)

  • Tejon Creek
  • Sebastian Indian Reservation
  • Tehachapi Mountains

Tataviam (people facing the sun)

  • San Fernando Valley
  • Santa Clarita Valley/Mountains
  • Yuhaviatam (people of the pines)
  • Big Bear Lake/Lake Arrowhead
  • San Bernardino Valley

Vanyume (people of the desert)

  • San Bernardino mountain foothills
  • Mojave

People of the great basin

Tongva (people of the earth)

  • West/Central Los Angeles
  • Coastal communities
  • East Los Angeles

Komvitam (people of the east)

  • San Gabriel Valley
  • San Bernardino Highlands

Pipimaram (people of the Islands)

  • Santa Catalina Island
  • Santa Clemente Island

Hokan Langague Family

Seashell People

Inland Chumash

  • Santa Ynez
  • Eastern Ventura

Coastal Chumash

  • Western Ventura
  • Santa Barbara
  • Coastal communities


Map of tribal settlements sources:

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